Grid connected residential PV systems are installed on flat or tilted roofs and star from 1kWp up to 30kWp depending on how much roof surface is available. The systems feed their electricty directly into the grid. As photovoltaic power is more economic than grid power today, the photovoltaic power is often used for self consumption and feeding the excess electricity production back into the grid. The public grid serves as back up and suplies the home during nighttime.

Grid Connected Residential PV Systems

Photovoltaic power systems combined with diesel generators and battery storage capacities are best for high fluctations of electric loads. Diesel generators are used to secure a 24h supply and to build up a stable electric grid, whereas the photovoltaic power plant helps to reduce the fuel consumption of the diesel generators. As electricity generation costs from diesel gensets can be up to 60c€/kWh, the return of investment for the PV power plant is extremly fast between 3 and 5 years.

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