Keynote at WIPRO energy workshop in Dresden

Dresden – December 9th, 2016

This year’s Energy-Workshop’s was held under the title „Despite the global crisis, Africa’s energy potential is growing“ hosted by Mr. Bob Hooda from WIPRO GmbH. The traditional annual meeting brings together stakeholders from Africa and Europe to network and to identify business opportunities. Mr. Jürgen Raach presented the project “100kW AC Mini Grid in Sierra Leone” which the company implemented in 2016. The AC mini grid supplies a school compound and a nearby village with clean photovoltaic power. For the water supply a GRUNDFOS SQF submersible pump was installed coupled with a GRUNDFOS DEA booster station to increase the water pressure for the water distribution system. A GRUNDFOS AQtap water prepayment meter manages the water distribution to single families and school members. “RAACH SOLAR implemented a very complex project, an independent three phase AC grid with a large battery storage and an independent water supply from a borehole, to pump, boost, distribute and manage the water supply. This is a business  model for independent power producers and water supply companies” presented Raach.