RAACH SOLAR successfully combines three major GRUNDFOS technologies in Sierra Leone

RAACH SOLAR successfully commissions two GRUNDFOS AQtap prepayment meters in Sierra Leone and combines three major GRUNDFOS technologies: GRUNDFOS SQF solar pump for water delivery, GRUNDFOS DEA booster station for water distribution and GRUNDFOS AQtap water prepayment meters for water management.

The local NGO “WAMA GRISO” backed by funding of the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation (BMZ) implemented the water supply project and invested in a 100kW photovoltaic AC mini grid and water distribution system for their school and the nearby Mambo village , about 10km from the capital Freetown in Sierra Leone. “The school with about 400 students profits directly from clean borehole water and sees for the first time electricity and lighting” says happily Mrs. Maria Walz, head of the NGO. “We did not want to compromise on quality of components and chose only the best suppliers and installer” added Mrs Walz.

The GRUNDFOS SQF pump was installed with an independent solar power supply and delivers 5m³ / hour, whereas the GRUNDFOS booster station and prepayment meters are supplied by three phase respectively single phase 230VAC voltage which comes from the solar village power supply system. During nighttime a 150kWh industrial solar battery guarantees a 24hours / day electricity supply. One AQtap prepayment meter was installed in the school and one AQtap meter in the village. About 300 prepayment cards were given to families and individuals who can buy clean drinking water at the prepayment water taps, especially during the dry season in Sierra Leone. About 2000 people profit directly from water and electricity supplies. The GRUNDFOS booster station will supply in the next phase of the project more GRUNDFOS AQtaps and individual homes which are situated up to 50m uphill in the mountainous village.

“We are happy to find in GRUNDFOS the right technology partner to boost rural development and renewable energy technologies” says Jürgen Raach, general manager of RAACH SOLAR. “We also would like to express our thanks to the companies Heckert Solar modules, SMA inverters and BAE batteries for their continuous support of our business” continues Raach.