Rural Electrification Authority Kenya met with RAACH SOLAR

An important delegation from the Rural Electrification Authority Kenya visited Germany and RAACH SOLAR was invited by the German Solar Industry Association (BSW) and the German–African Business Association (Afrika-Verein der deutschen Wirtschaft) to be part of the meeting.

In 2016, 40% of the Kenyan population had access to electricity, whereas only 5% do have access in rural areas. The target of the Kenyan Government is the full electrification of the rural areas by the year 2020. Solar powered village power supply systems, so called “AC mini-grids” can play an important role in this electrification process. REA was founded in the year 2007 and focuses especially on the development of solar power. In the years 2016 and 2017 about 23 greenfield mini grids will be tendered and financed by the Worldbank, others will follow and be financed by the KfW in cooperation with the GIZ (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH).

RAACH SOLAR’s presence in the meeting and in Kenya is part of its long term strategy for East Africa as consulting company and turn key solar system provider.

German Energy Private Sector Meeting, Bangladesh

An official government and private sector delegation from Bangladesh including Mr. Nasrul Hamid, Honorable State Minister, Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral resources, Government of Bangladesh met selected German private sector companies including SIEMENS, MAN DIESEL, IB VOGT and RAACH SOLAR. The meeting, hosted by GIZ and BSW, concentrated on the information exchange, market development and investment possibilities in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh’s Government outlined its ambitious plans to boost the market development in renewable energies. At present, renewable energies amount for only 5% of Bangladesh’s energy production and the plans is to double this share until 2021. The photovoltaic installations will increase during this time period from the current level of 222MWp to 1739MWp, whereas 1285MWp will be in the market section of large scale photovoltaic power plants.

RAACH SOLAR presented its 300kWp photovoltaic grid connected reference installation for a private garment factory and the target to ramp up with another project of 750kWp to go into the MWp photovoltaic power plants category by 2017.

Chamber of Industry (IHK) certification as training supervisor

Mr. Jürgen Raach successfully passed the Chamber of Industry (IHK) certification as training supervisor (Ausbilder) for apprentices who want to get the qualification and degree in the professions “wholesale and foreign trade commercials” (Kaufmann, Kauffrau im Groß- und Außenhandel). These professions are officially listed in Germany’s professional dual system, which allows apprentices to work in companies and get a parallel theoretical training in professional schools over a period of three years. Mr. Raach carries now the certificate according to the ordinance on aptitude of instructors (AEVO = AusbilderEignungsVerOrdnung). According to §29 BBiG, the federal educational law (BBiG = Bundesbildungsgesetz), Mr. Raach qualifies personally and professionally for holding this degree. He followed at the Chamber of Industry (IHK) in the city of Ulm an intensive course including a theoretical and practical exam to obtain this qualification. “We welcome from September 1st, 2016 our first apprentice in this profession at our headquarters” said happily Jürgen Raach.