FRONIUS service partner

RAACH SOLAR was appointed FRONIUS service partner on February 17th, 2016. This award authorizes RAACH SOLAR to carry stock of FRONIUS inverter’s electronic exchange boards and to repair them. FRONIUS is one of Europe’s largest manufacturer of grid tie inverters and battery charging systems. RAACH SOLAR’s office building runs self-sufficiently at 100% photovoltaic power with FRONIUS inverters installed in the year 2006 and until now operating without any break downs and failures. The newly acquired FRONIUS service partnership helped recently RAACH SOLAR to repair one inverter of its first customer’s installation in the year 2002. RAACH SOLAR operates three own photovoltaic installations with different FRONIUS inverter generations.

RAACH SOLAR is registered trademark

RAACH SOLAR becomes a registered trade mark at German’s Patent and Trade Mark Office (Deutsches Patent und Markenamt DPMA). The protection of the trademark is a word and figurative mark, not only the name of the company RAACH SOLAR, but as well the logo including “DESIGNING PHOTOVOLTAIC POWER” is protected in 12 different goods and services classifications. “Design plays an important role in our company’s philosophy” points out general manager Jürgen Raach. “Design means first that we accurately and professionally design photovoltaic systems and second that we deliver high class sustainable futuristic design”.