Keynote at „Center of Technology Conference“ in Dresden, Germany

General manager Mr. Jürgen Raach spoke on special insider’s conference on December 2nd, 2015 at the Center of Technology in Dresden, Germany organized by WIPRO GmbH. The conference subject was related to brand new political and economical developments: “In the aftermath of democratic elections and the recent Africa –EU Malta conference, Africa leap frogs to progress!”. The annual conference established itself as a must for the key players and companies in this field. Jürgen Raach presented a new upcoming project in Sierra Leone on photovoltaic AC mini grids with prepayment meters and the new technology of water prepayment meters called “AQtap” from the Danish manufacturer GRUNDFOS. “The combination of solar village electrification and water supply for individual households of the rising African middle and upper class will rise the overall living standard of the village” said Raach.