Keynote at „Stand Alone Energy Solutions Conference“ in Lagos, Nigeria

The Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany organized on June 30th, 2015 in Lagos Nigeria a seminar in cooperation with the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Nigeria (AHK Nigeria) on “stand alone energy solutions”. The seminar was financed by the Climate Fond of the German Foreign Office in Berlin (Klimafond des Auswärtigen Amts). RAACH SOLAR was invited to this prestigious event to give a presentation on rural and urban solutions for photovoltaic power generation. As one of the key speakers general manager Mr. Jürgen Raach pointed out that the key for success of photovoltaic power generation must go through African urban areas to boost photovoltaic power generation even in rural areas. Grid connected photovoltaic power at a rate of 10cents /kWh is more economic than unreliable grid power or diesel power generation. Almost one hundred Nigerian businessmen & women from private businesses, institutions and the financial sector attended the seminar.